I often post my animation videos to my  Vimeo. I will continue to add latest updates here as well.

I recently found this gem whilst digging through old hard drives. This was the Gotham City Impostors Initiation intro. Enjoy!

This was all acted, shot (in the mocap studio), and cleaned up by myself and my animation lead. ( I was Melvin!)

These are some examples of a few characters I animated for Marvel Avengers Alliance 2. The animation team was responsible not only for animating the characters in 3DS MAX but also implementing them in the Unity engine. Some of those responsibilities included:

  • Cuing VFX events (timing) [These also included translation across the battle arena].
  • Creating, modifying, and set up of character controllers and transitions.
  • Creating, modifying, and set up of character descriptors.
Credit to the creation of VFX assets go to Kelly Hamilton.  Credit to in house tools and character rigs go to Logan Bender.